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^_^ Happy Thanksgiving, and welcome to trigun_holidays. ^_^ All you need to know is in the userinfo. Also, you can begin posting at any time and you don't have to post every day unless you want to (and you want to win the award graphic.)

If you're not familiar with the idea of the Advent Calendar from Neopets and such, the idea is of a countdown to the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Diwali/insert holiday of your belief where you get a gift every day from Thanksgiving to the day after Christmas or the New Year. You also don't have to be a friend of or even know me or like me to join: everyone is welcome.

The theme of this community is similar, except that we are all givers and we are all recipients of others' gifts. The challenge, if you wish to take it, is to write one drabble/pentadrabble a day, minimum 100 words and maximum 500 depending on how much you wish to write, from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day or New Year's, whichever you prefer, based on the themes given here. ALL pairings and ratings are welcome, and if you miss a day, you may post up to four days' back drabbles in one post.

The only rules are to be nice, have fun, and enjoy the drabbles. ^_^

(Note on the themes: I personally arrive from a Christian background, so I will be listing Christmas themes for some themes. If you don't wish to write about Christmas, feel free to substitute a holiday of your choosing as long as the theme is somewhere close to what is given. For example, you might substitute "Happy Hanukkah/Chanukah" or "Happy Holidays" or "Solstice" for "Merry Christmas," as a theme) I also want originality on at least some of the themes, because nothing makes people happier than a surprise.

~The Themes~

November 24: "Thanksgiving, giving thanks"

November 25: "Shopping"

November 26: "Holiday Weekends"

November 27: "Mondays"

November 28: "Are we there yet?"

November 29: "Kiss"

November 30: "Holiday Birthday"

December 1: "A First"

December 2: "Seconds"

December 3: "Carols/songs/music"

December 4: "Snow/ice"

December 5: "Angels"

December 6: "Planning"

December 7: "Book, reading"

December 8: "Candle/fire"

December 9: "Shiny silver"

December 10: "Surprise"

December 11: "Remembering"

December 12: "December Love" (and if you can somehow work Gackt or his song into this without being OOC, you'll get special praise from me.)

December 13: "Sadness"

December 14: "Smile"

December 15: "Lights"

December 16: "Family/Friends/Togetherness"

December 17: "Only you"

December 18: "The darkness before the dawn"

December 19: "Cookies"

December 20: "Tree/decorating tree"

December 21: "Holiday gatherings"

December 22: "Puppy"

December 23: "Last Minute"

December 24: "Christmas Eve"

December 25: "Merry Christmas"

December 26: "Boxing Day"

December 27: "The Past"

December 28: "Countdown"

December 29: "Lazy Days"

December 30: "Death/dying/loss/the end"

December 31: "New Year's Eve"

January 1: "Happy New Year!"